Thursday, November 1, 2012

The little big things

So the above picture from Roanoke (I MOVE ON SUNDAY FLAIL) totally isn't a DSLR camera picture (obviously) but that doesn't mean I don't have one.  I was saying goodbye to some BFFs last weekend and just as I was getting ready to leave, a bag with a DSLR got pressed into my hands.  I was all I'm bad at receiving presents how can I even say thank you WTF you can't give this to me if you ever want it back tell me CHOKE BACK TEARS.  The last Nice Camera I got was a Canon Rebel 2000 that I saved my money up for during 10th grade.  I still have it, and it's a great camera, but being a film camera, it's not gotten much use since the whole world moved on.  I didn't even take it with me to England last time, opting instead for my phone (which I think worked out okay, see below).  I'm so excited to have a real NICE CAMERA, you have no idea.  In high school the darkroom was the one place I felt totally happy (being a teenager with IMMENSE SELF ESTEEM ISSUES LIKE EVERY TEENAGER EVER, a dark room where you feel invisible while getting to do what you enjoy? Priceless).  I'm totally rusty on everything I learned in that class, but I think I'll be able to pick it back up again.  In the midst of a lot lot lot of loss and change, this is so awesome.  It's a little thing, but it's a big thing.  

Apologies in advance to friends & siblings who are professional photographers who know what they're doing already.  ;)  APERTURE F-STOPS WHAT OH RIGHT THOSE.  And stuff!

(Ignore the blatant Instagram-ish filter.  It was raining and gross at Tintagel that day.  Cranky wizard ghosts...)


I move in a few days.  Today is my last day at the job I've held for over five years.  I feel like I'm kind of standing on that Tintagel cliff.  Nothing feels real, but oh, how it is.  There are so many positives, so many negatives, that everything's just become a wave for me at this point.  Life changes you in ways you don't expect.  Cliche, I know, but there's a reason people say this shit.  It's true, dammit.  It's like being forged in fire all the time.  


  1. DSLR! you know, not to be all self promotional, but I did write a photo tips series if you want to check it out:

    Also low self esteem darkroom times high five.

    Also my dad is now moving to like an hour away from Roanoke. I'm afraid you're going to be forced to meet me one day.

    1. Yay! I remember seeing some of those a while back, but now I can really delve into them.


  2. Congrats on your new job and moving - it does sound like an exciting/scary adventure :)