Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day to day

downtown market out of focus, awesome

More than anything, I miss the act of coming home in the evening and having someone to banter with, to drink wine with while we cook, to laugh with.  I miss, when waking up to horrible horrible heartbreaking NPR news updates every morning on the alarm clock (I should probably change the station at this point, but somehow I keep holding onto hope that the news will be not-horrible, which, now that I type it, sounds naive), having someone to hug before they walk out the door.

Tomorrow at least there are baby donkeys visiting the library.  I'm busy working on programming of my own, but gosh darn it if I'm not all a-squee about the baby donkeys more than anything.  But who wouldn't be?  They're baby donkeys.  (But my programming is cool too.  I like it and I'm excited about the stuff on the roster.  It just doesn't have leetle hooves.)

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