Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I left my little lovely house on Maplewood today for the last time as its resident owner, alone.  I stood in my backyard for the last time, looked up at the trees above me, then stood in my living room and looked at all the boxes, at my pretty French doors, my built-in bookcase & mantle that I'd just taken everything off of & cleaned.  Looked sadly at the wallpaper my mom helped put up (and of which I found one extra roll in a closet...since Hygge&West no longer makes it, I am hoarding that SOB).  Wrote a little "welcome" on the chalkboard door for the new renters.

Then I drove down my cute little street while the afternoon light filtered through the trees and I watched people biking around fountain lake as I headed out and away from the house and city and little life I loved here.  I drove down Floyd, rather than the short quick way behind Carytown, because if I'm leaving my dear RVA, I want to see the pretty parts as I go.  I got all the way to Ellwood Thompson's before realizing I'd left the dog food on the counter and would have to go back.  So BACK I went, this time through the less pretty parts, ran up the steps of my lovely little house this time for the LAST last time, sped through my living room stuffed full of boxes, found the dog food, and with a slam of the door behind me, I was gone.

And that was that.

It's been really weird having to process and go through the whole moving business as two separate units (Patrick & I, I mean).  I left our little house for the last time alone, and quietly binge-cleaned by myself this morning for about 5 hours.  This Friday Patrick will hook up his car to a UHaul hitch and make his way here with the rest of our things, he too leaving our little house for the last time, alone.  It is feeling very real now.  In a "ow, my heart" sort of way.  RVA has been such a wonderfully good city to us both.  Dear, dear River City.

But we also get to be together again after three months, and that is a wonderful, wonderful thing.  Leaving our home is a wound, but one that's much easier to put a band-aid on when we're out here together, starting over not-alone.  Just us.  Just us, our two dogs, our bunny, our hedgehog, and 550 square feet of space.  We'll call it COZY.

*(I'm sure there's a rule out there, just like the MST3K fellows point out, saying "don't put someone else's GOOD photo in your BAD photo!" -- but the sappy sentiment stands and it was right there on the wall, begging to prove a photographic point.  RubySky Photography gets the credit for the nice-looking part of that photo.)


  1. Does this mean you will be together now?
    I can imagine it is hard letting go of the house you so carefully decorated, had dreams for the future in it...
    Being together beats all odds.
    You have a hedgehog? How cute !
    And I love that last picture of you two, so sweet, and such a special life. "Together is a wonderful place to be, indeed".

    1. Yes, finally! And the house wouldn't hurt so bad except it really was delightfully perfect for us and we loved the shit out of that house. :( Sigh. But being together makes everything easier. :)