Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sunny-side up

Monday = several things I'm hoping will go well.  I'm putting in an application for a tiny house on one side of Mill Mountain (not pictured above, obvs, but it's about that size, minus the upstairs) with a tiny backyard and wood floors that will allow two dogs (for an outrageous amount of money, reminding me again why we got dogs when we figured we'd be in our self-owned home for the long-haul).  I'm also starting to teach an African English immersion class (that is, an ESL class for a group of African French-speaking immigrants).  It's a computer class (since I'm the Community Technology Librarian) and I'm very excited, though also apprehensive, since I have no idea how it will go (there will be no translators).  I don't think it will go badly, I'm more just curious to see the way in which things go.  Will I be really awkward at computer charades?  Will I make some horrible social faux-pas?  Will they like me, really really like me?!  Will the volunteers I'm leading think I'm an okay teacher?  I'm excited for the house and the computer literacy class, but also anxious to see how things go.

Until then, I binge on Firefly, tacos+sangria with Patrick tonight in Staunton (we've seen a lot of each other over the holidays thanks to time off, and now that we rented the house, it's a countdown to the end of the month when this is behind us), and lots of Corgi cuddles.  And sunny-side up eggs.  Because those are the greatest.  So, I'm being hopeful and looking on the sunny side.


  1. Here is to sunny beginnings, sangria and tacos (mmm my mouth is watering), and as I write the sky is blue and shining through the window :) I'm glad you were able to spend quality time with Patrick and your lovely dogs, and that you will be together everyday in February. It is almost here. I hope the house will work (it looks very cute, if it is anything like the pic), and I think you will do great at teaching the class. Way to go :)

    1. Thank you! I hope things start looking up in February. It gets closer every day.

  2. I can't wait to visit you on your farm. Also-hell yes, tacos and sangria.