Monday, February 25, 2013

Picture Post: Catawba Mountain + random weekly snaps

Patrick and I took a short hike about Catawba Mountain on Sunday.  For literary nerds, it's close to Tinker Mountain (and close to the Appalachian Trail).

Respect the bovine.

Then it got dark.  So, that was pretty much that.  RIVETING!  I know!

A few other bits and bobs from the past week include:

We tried to make hollandaise sauce, and...failed miserably.  Turns out adding two tablespoons of lemon is actually a HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD IDEA even if multiple recipes indicate this to be a good idea.  They are all liars.  It was very sad.

I went to Mysticon for an evening to staff a library table.  Getting to nerd out at a con for my job is pretty awesome and makes me pretty lucky. I'm also very lucky sometimes that I am not nor shall I ever be a huge comic book nerd.  Don't get me wrong -- I took a whole class on graphic novels and comics in grad school; I love Neil Gaiman; I know my basics and have my own small graphic novel favorites like Persepolis and Blankets, but superheroes and the genre of episodic comics are just so totally outside my entire scope of interest, and I've had ample chances to test and confirm this stance.  I'm lucky simply because it saves me a TON of money when it comes to dealer rooms.  (Or at least, saves me heartache when I'm broke anyway.)

We can't -- and shouldn't have to -- all be comic book neeeeerds.  I think sometimes nerds get chuckled at for liking comic books, but then they'll turn around and give someone the side eye if that person doesn't watch Dr. Who (cough, also me -- and again, seen plenty of episodes at nerd get-togethers, just not my thing).  People like different things!  Even nerds!  When I was a teenager, I spent my hours online not gaming, but editing a long-form adventure writing group.  Not even writing all the time.  Editing.  As in, for fun as a teenager, I would go through and say, 'This needs a comma.'  I'm quite the nerd, even without superhero or Dr. Who aspects which seem to be ubiquitous.  My husband, a huge maphead-linguistic-history nerd, has never seen all of Star Wars.  Still a nerd.  We can all live in nerdy nerdy peace, my nerdlings.  Even when one's husband doesn't get "it's a trap!" jokes.

And really, I'm not sure how nerdy we can really call liking Star Wars, anyway.  It's everywhere.  It's mainstream.  So I should probably retire that example entirely...

I DID pick up a few adorable pins, because Sparkly Hermione!  Firefly!  Squeaks!

Seriously, how awesome is it to get to go to cons for one's job?  "Shiny!" I guess one could say.

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  1. I love your Hermione pin! And that photo of the fungi in the tree, so beautiful. Also, "Respect the bovine" . I love cows, so you had me smiling there.
    I was pretty stoked that I succeeded at making hollandaise the first time I tried. What I did was beat intensely all the times, so that the emulsion forms without the eggs curdling. I found this video very instructive and helpful (and it made me lose my fear and go for it).