Friday, March 15, 2013

Bumblebees and HSG

Caterpillars by Sian Keegan

The feeling when you finally, finally meet with a doctor who's nice, isn't condescending (like oh, you looked up things online, that's cute), who doesn't draw you a picture of a uterus, who instead asks all the right questions and who comes to the same conclusion (it's not PCOS; not endometriosis; not male factor; not an ovulation issue; seems to be unexplained) and agrees that your opinion for the next step is the right one? When they aren't even technically the specialist and you went to them as a second option because your insurance won't cover the actual specialist?  And who doesn't bat an eye that you're asking those questions to a not-Reproductive-Endocrinologist?  That feeling is like bumblebees and butterflies and happy.  One could call it "a ray of sunshiney hope".  I was so worried I'd get to the appointment and be told nope, she doesn't work with my issues, she'd have to refer me.  I'm trying not to let it go to my head -- I read someone refer to it as Infertile Amnesia, but it's nice to leave an appointment feeling confident that there's a clear path ahead (HSG dye test), and someone willing to try to tackle it.*

*As to whether I can get it covered by insurance is another matter, but one step at a time...


  1. Oh I hope you will manage to get the insurance to pay for it.
    I am so so happy that you found a doctor that understands you.
    Social medicine is great, and I am incredibly grateful for it (it's not like its 100% social either, we do pay for it every month).... but that means that you don't get to see 1 doctor all the time , but anyone from the team (they are 6-8), and they have 20 min for you, and they assume we are all robots (thinking all cycles are 28 days, for godsakes you are gynaecologists) and sometimes you get the impression that they don't even read your file on the 5 min. prior to you getting in, so YOU have to fill them in and remind them that no, your cycle is 26 days, that you ovulate consistently on day 11... etc.
    But, but, when you do get the couple of doctors who know you, your case, who understand when you explain things, it's rainbows and unicorns, like you say, feeling that we could maybe hopefully be getting somewhere.
    I hope for the best for you, and I wish you are one of those cases in which the HSG procedure will "open" the tubes or break any minor (invisible) blockage (like a thread of very thin tissue) and that this could be the solution for you guys.
    Thinking of you constantly and wishing for the best, we are right there with you.

    1. It really sucks that both of our health systems fail us in different ways that ultimately boil down to the same thing: frustration and lack of care/solutions. Mine places so much of the financial burden on the patient, but I get good care when I fork over the cash -- sort of; I pay about $500 for insurance coverage for myself and my husband per month, then pay "copays" of $20/$40 for routine visits, and that's for things that are covered by the $500/month I pay.....which says anything fertility related will not be covered whatsoever, so I'm basically paying $500/month just in case I have some other issue or emergency, but not for the care I actually need. It's very tempting to say screw it and say, well, I'd rather put that insurance money towards the care I really need, but going without insurance is such a huge risk here that it's not worth it.

      But over there is seems that while care may not bankrupt you or be a barrier to access the way it is here in Capitalist Healthcare Land, you get put through the wringer trying to get the care you need anyway. Absolutely, the grass seems greener from over here, but having met with doctors whose bedside manner irritated beyond belief, the idea of not having a choice in the matter is like "BZUH" -- though in a way, that also happens when there's only one specialist my insurance will cover -- you're stuck with who there is, as I'm finding out now that I no longer live in a big city area. It seems like it would be maddening to have to explain and explain a problem over and over and over again, hoping to land on the magical person who listens. :( :( :(

      Sending you wishes for more unicorns and rainbows. I have to wait a few weeks to see if my unicorn ship will come in (the doctor said to give her a few weeks while she looks into it and ways the procedure could be coded, which she totally understood and was kind about -- I lucked out big-time). UNICORNS ALL AROUND.

  2. I want so many Unicorns for you. I'm an atheist and yet I pray for it. Is that crazy?