Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The good, from this pessimist

The lovely Amanda had a great post up on APW (blessed-be-its-name) about finding the good things, so I wanted to take a moment today to point out the not-sucky bits of life because despite my occasional wallowing, they exist!  Really!  (I think I tend to give the impression that I'm miserable all the time, but studies show this is mostly an occurrence when it's cold outside.  Put a Hayley in springtime weather and studies show a remarkable quick turnaround in moods.  Hayleys are also prone to allergies, but they still prefer not being bone-cold-miserable.)

(More parentheticals about my lack of positivity: I come from a family of pessimists.  To make matters worse, snark is practically a form of endearment; clever mockery is a way of bonding.  All in all I probably come across as more prickly or morose than is ever intended.)

So: the good, as best as this glass-half-full lady can muster.  Look y'all, it didn't kill me!

Basic narrative here: Spring arrived, winter tried to come back, I found lots of pretty books at the library along with one more hilarious Marion Zimmer Bradley cover from the lesser-known book Creeps of Avalon and suddenly the flora and fauna at the library turned green FINALLY.


  1. You sure are funny. It is amazing how sunlight impacts our mood. Which is to prove that we are animals and melatonin makes us happy.(As green grass) Your hyacinths and daffodil pics are beautiful. I absolutely love Rachel Khoo... I kind of want all of her books, but specially the Paris one. "Creeps of Avalon?" Is that the title?

    I hope you are well! I am sending good thoughts your way (and have 4 tea candles lit, I am so superstitious that I believe in the power of candles). Sometimes I think I am crazy.

    Also, thanks!

  2. I come from a long line of snark and clever mockery as affection too :) I'm glad you're finding the good where you can. It really is what keeps me going some days.