Monday, June 24, 2013

Working for "worth it"

This weekend we decided to hike the Dragon's Tooth trail.  
At first it was like this:

Then it got like this:

Then the trail just went all the way to this (those white marks?  THOSE ARE THE TRAIL):

But the reward.  Oh yes.

Worth it.

I'm sure I could drag-wrangle some sort of ~life journey metaphor~ out of all this, but that seems more than a little corny.  Yikes.  But we do all want our hikes to end with those worth it moments, don't we?  
Ugh, veering off into corn-land.

Portrait Title: Le Derp


  1. Beautiful!

    I must confess, I have written that hiking pictures/amazing view/life-journey-metaphore post. Yeah, guilty as charged...

    Glad you had an exciting weekend!

  2. Oh I miss those mountains! Life journey indeed.

  3. Really like this blog, lovely scenery, sooo wish I was hiking up a sun soaked moutain. Sally X @thebenefitofbirdsongblog