Monday, July 8, 2013

Homeowners No More

We finally, finally, finally closed on selling our Richmond house.  Goodbye, Maplewood.  Hello, less freak-out stress.

And oh, the stress.  The rain that has been endless this season (laugh all you want, pacific people, this is bananas for us out here in Virginia to have rain almost every day for WEEKS. PLURAL. WEEKS.)...yeah, that rain caused us thousands (again, plural) in house damages.  Talk about raining on our parade...carnival....yeah.

This was what happened everywhere here.  Rain.  Just rain.  Rain and rain and rain.

All told, the rain cost us about $10,000 between fixing a roof, replacing a ceiling, and dealing with a very leaky basement and the damage that caused in a house nobody was living in to know about said leaks until hours before closing was scheduled last week.  So all told, we didn't exactly finish off this house thing with a ton of adoption or IVF money, but oh well.  At this point, it doesn't matter and we're trying not to think about the fact that had it not been for this endless rain, we might have had X amount of money instead, but it's fruitless to mope really.  I can stop boring everyone on social media with my incoherent mental breakdowns!  REJOICE YE ALL!

Deep breath, that is over.  It is ooooveerrrrrrrr.

Tonight, we feast.


On a totally different note, I started volunteering at a horse rescue farm.  Because horses.  My loves.  Make me feel better horsies, I will make you feel better and groom you all day and feed you and love you.  Oh yes.  So come on life, it's time to stop sucking.  I'm making an effort here.

Break through those clouds there, sun.

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