Sunday, September 8, 2013

Me rambling on about me. ME. MEEEEEEE.

How is it almost-autumn already?  How am I 27 (I know, still a baby, but still)?  And most importantly, how can I not find a proper cardigan with suede elbow patches without scouring all of the Internet?  I have standards for cardigans, I guess.  They can't be cheesecloth-thin*, they can't be too boxy, they should have the damn elbow patches I require, they shouldn't look like a high school varsity sweater, and ideally they should be under $50 because it's a damn cardigan (enter ASOS, where elbow patches currently reign supreme!).  I should also mention I'm the kind of person who will, upon getting something like birthday money, spend way, WAY too much time trying to find the best possible purchase, one that fulfills multiple requirements like I have wanted this item for a long time but have denied myself due to being responsible and this item will be useful for a long period of time and I will in no way regret buying this item if something else comes along.  I'm the kid who, when told I could pick one thing in the dollar store (a much-coveted standing-offer prize for strangers complementing my siblings and I on being well-behaved), looked at Every. Single. Item. to weigh its potential (like, spatulas, people -- I considered the worth of a spatula when I was a kid because what if I realized it was the best item in the store and passed by the cookware section without at least considering it??!!  I must have been insufferable.  Still am, I'm sure.)

This is probably why now as an adult making a decision feels so damned good, because I take FOREVER to actually make one.  So when a decision, like IVF, is made, I'm like, OH I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER WHO CARES ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE.  Decision!  Yes!  And so far, the process has been okay.  Communicating with a doctor in Brno with a 6-hour time difference has the potential to be a little annoying, but so far so good.  Not being on the perpetual purgatory of doing nothing and not knowing what we're going to do train is a relief.

So all in all, life has felt a little less bleak lately.  This may also be due to the fact that I've started acupuncture, and I'm taking more vitamins, and taking more fish oil, and trying to improve on my current situation.  Maybe because I've been on this needles-vitamins-fish oil business for a month, but it's actually working out pretty well.  I also found a park that reminds me of the Bucks County area where I grew up (I grew up with high expectations for places to live -- Bucks Co., Richmond...even Chincoteague, while pretty miserable for me as a teen**, was gorgeous and does have a personality), including a spot for wading out in the river and hanging out.  It's little things like that which actually make or break a place for me, I've found, and once I find a few bright spots to dig my heels into, I can relax a little.  Also, my neighbors with three pit bulls that attacked another neighborhood dog seem to have disappeared over the last week, which (as awful as this makes me sound) is a relief for me, if not the dogs (though given their quality of life outside all day in the heat, I'd argue it's probably for the best they're gone now for their well-being too).  Eventually, I will escape this part of town and re-plant myself elsewhere.

So, that's life these days.  RIVETING!

Gift from a very sweet person :)

* (I still need to be talked down about this cardigan, which seems like it's super-thin, and judging from the pieces I've gotten from Modcloth before, it's probably not worthy of $70 because it's acrylic but it's so damn cute.  HELP.)

**Because I was a teenager.  Duh.


  1. Ummm regarding that mustard cardigan I am not going to be helpful at all, it is perfect ! (Though yes it should be thick).

    I am so glad to read things are on their way, you are on a path. I keep thinking and hoping for you. Also Prague, the Prague of Kafka and Kundera ( I still dream of a trip there)... it's going to be amazing. And be sure to get some crystal souvenirs / glass wines I think it's really cheap over there!

    1. Thank you re: good thoughts. :) I'm happy we'll be staying in one place the whole time -- the better to lay low, enjoy some much, MUCH needed rest after the complete craziness of the last year...which sounds crazy since it's a trip to do, of all crazy things, IVF.

  2. Regarding decision-making, I don't carefully consider each decision- but my habits don't make sense either. Household good for the kitchen that will be monumentally helpful and is eco-friendly? I will put that ish off for *months,* since it feels like a "nice-to-have" and I'm still in super-saving mode. Pricey latte, three days out of five, with a pastry thrown in there to make the debit transaction "worthwhile"? No-brainer.

    Also, are you from Bucks Co, PA? Most of my dad's side of the family lives there. No wonder you're spoiled!

    1. Oh gosh yes! Though I tend to go the opposite route; save by eating and drinking less for breakfasts and lunches...but then being blase and just shuttling that money elsewhere instead of saving it like I meant. :(

      Yes, Bucks Co in PA! It's such a gorgeous area. Peace Valley Park, all that sort of thing, still-quaint in places.