Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The government is a [expletive]

As if going through IVF weren't extremely stress-inducing enough, the idea to do it abroad is turning out to be maybe a HORRIBLE IDEA, since on the eve of the government shutdown last night I a) got an email update telling me the passport renewal photo that I had taken at a passport office was somehow not up to code on the exact measurements of chin to top of the head and b) the government might shut down passport offices.

In addition, the local doctor who re-writes/sends in my Czech IVF meds Rx is on vacation October 2-14, meaning I have to get these extremely expensive meds keyed in now, because otherwise I risk some sort of delay.

I'm just going to be here.  Gritting my teeth.  Nicely going back to the passport office and hoping to god they're there so I can get them to re-take this photo and not screw up the measurements this time.

They had one job.

Normally, I can roll with shit when it happens, but I'm finding that this feels like such a personal affront.  NO BABY FOR YOU, WE'LL SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT TO BLOCK YOUR HAVING A BABY IF WE HAVE TO.  

I'm sure thinking everyone's out to get you is a sure sign of some sort of psychosis, so just to be clear, I don't actually believe the entire world is out to make sure I never succeed.  It just feeeeeeeels like it right now.  At this point, if we have to delay until November, it means missing not only Thanksgiving, but also the birth of our nephew.  But we have to do this all this year, because we don't want to wait a whole more year to get reimbursed for all these medical expenses on our taxes, which we plan to roll over to another IVF cycle if this one fails.  So it's kind of dire here in our minds that this happen now.

Someday I'm sure we'll laugh and say how dire it all seemed.  Well, it sucks right now and it feels pretty dire.  And seriously, that passport office had one job.


  1. fffffffffffuckkkkkkkkkkkk. The world needs to start being good to you. I demand it.

    1. On the bright side, the passport office was still open yesterday (and they are continuing to function) so I was able to get two new photos done for free since they clearly screwed up (and the guy remembered me). Trying to be positive. Tryiiiing.

  2. Aaaahhh! This is totally NOT the extra stress you need right now, because you're right, the IVF stuff is enough. Get your act together passport office, and issue this woman her documents so she can make a baby for god's sake! Raging my fist at the Universe for you, and (because I don't really have any other kind of pull besides my rage) hoping it somehow all sorts itself out.

    1. Aw, thanks Sadie. Monday night/Tuesday morning were definitely not my best moments as a functioning adult. It seems like it's sorting itself out, so as long as the next hurdle isn't too terrible, we're still on track. (It's nuts, I'm also just plain excited to have SO MUCH time off work at once. It's a silly thing considering WHY, but I've never had basically three weeks off in a row before. Ever. EVER. It's going to be amazing.)