Thursday, November 14, 2013

The endless in-between

Pain on pain on play, repeating // With the backup makeshift life in waiting

That's what it feels like right now -- this in-between stage, waiting to see if we can cross over to that alternative life waiting in the wings, that one we could be living. Or if we just loop around, the endless wretched hollow, again and again. It's this odd limbo, in which maybe, but maybe not. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe.

All I want only one street level miracle // I'll be an out and out born again from none more cynical.


  1. Holding my breath over here, too...


  2. Me too. Been doing a daily blog stalk waiting to see what happens. Oh I hope it's good news. Hope, hope, hope. <3

  3. As always, good thoughts and hope here for you too!

  4. Still crossing my fingers and hoping for you.

  5. Yes, your description is perfect. And I know because I still feel like that most days too...

    I am thinking of you and sending so many wishes for the, the YES - that this alternative life you're waiting for is about to make its debut. So much hope your way!