Tuesday, November 5, 2013

IVF in Brno & beyond: picture post the second

Again, wonky formatting c/o tablet computing! Ackkhghhgvfddddd it is impossible to edit with precision! Blargh.
Welp, we made it to embryo transfer day, which means even if this doesn't work, at least we were able to run the whole race, trophy/ies or not in the end. But if one decides to give us a chance and stick around I will buy it a pony. If you both stick around, that means TWO PONIES. Patrick has pointed out that the ponies would really be for me, but nobody else has to know, least of all the embryos being bribed. Is it wrong to bribe when they're not sentient? Early exposure to corruption and all that... The doctor described all three of our embryos as "a little slow" * but to hell with being put in a box, right?  I think you can do it, future guys/ladies/blobs. C'mon.

I kid because at this point, it's all just waiting and making sure the dog doesn't jump all over me when we come home. I spent most of my day happily reading the new "Hyperbole and a Half" book (including in the room after the transfer, because why sit awkwardly when you can read about simple dog and helper dog?).


  1. Oh yay, now please, please little embryos, hold on :) There will be ponies!
    BTW, I love your instagrams, they make me want to go there. And I think that rabbit in the hat from the previous post will bring you good luck.Magic!

  2. Best, best, best wishes from an internet stranger!

  3. SO hopeful for you and those little blobs. Stick little ones, stick!! (And I totally think bribery, if not made into a parenting habit, is a-ok at this point. We're doing it too!).

    Brno is a lovely city. I am glad that you got to while away some of those anxious hours in such surroundings.

    I'll be sending many good thoughts and hopes your way for this cycle to be The One. Big hug!

  4. Oh man. The Hormotions! Come on little ones!