Friday, December 6, 2013

Bookish holiday mugs and mice. (The mice are not bookish, to my knowledge.)

Ours is the Eggnog by Wharton

So, originally I had another idea about what to post, but I went to my usual go-to place for header art (Society6) and got massively distracted by their new collection of mugs.  I need some new cups.*

We've had a horrible infestation of mice this winter in our 500 sq ft home.  Yes, this has to do with my need for new cups, just hang with me here.  Anyway, It's like the goddamn Nutcracker, except the Mouse King is winning.  Needless to say, I am not pleased by the company.  No. No. No.  Nononono.  We've never had a mouse problem before, and we've been trying to get rid of them with some success.  Unfortunately (for the mice...for me...) it hasn't been pleasant.  It's been more...Edward Gorey-esque, involving dogs, trash cans, Butterfingers...and my dinnerware.

I go to fill the dogs' water bowl and there in one of my favorite cups is a drowned mouse.


I'm not scared of mice, mind you.  Just grossed out.

So I bravely throw the mouse and cup out.  All is well and good until I get home from work and see ANOTHER DROWNED MOUSE IN ANOTHER FAVORITE CUP.  At this point you're probably thinking, why on earth didn't I empty all the cups?  Yeah, well, that didn't happen.

And THEN.  I'm all snuggled up in bed, and I hear the distinct sound of "plop."  I nudge Patrick, because I am like OH GOD I THINK I KNOW WHAT THAT SOUND WAS and sure enough, another mouse has killed himself, this time in the measuring cup.  I think the dish soap was killing them instantly or something.  Whatever was in the sink was fast-acting and caused them to not be able to gtfo their watery graves.  And *I know* we should have emptied out everything after the SECOND TIME but again....we thought that HAD to be it.  Derp.  I know.

So I'm out a measuring cup, and some drinking cups, and that's where you can pick up reading this post again if you were like, wtf, I don't want to be grossed out by a story before looking at a collection of cute bookish mugs, I'm going to skim to the mugs!

On to the cute bookish mugs!  (Note: I am not affiliated with Society6 or any of the artists, and these are not affiliate links; I gain nothing here except the fun of sharing stuff I like.)

Pride & Prejudice by Nan Lawson

Obviously I have to include some Hermione.
Friendship & Bravery by Nan Lawson
The Brightest Witch of Her Age by Megan Lara
The Fault in Our Stars Collage by Laurenschroer
Fisher Fox by Teagan White
(I know this isn't bookish exactly, and that foxes are HOT, but it's cuuuuuute)

*I can't actually *afford* new cups right now, but I do love windowshopping!

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