Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter survival lotions and potions

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We have snow.  Again.  I grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania so you'd think I'd be used to it, but NOPE.  I mean, I was a fan as a kid when snow meant sledding on Suicide Hill behind Pennridge High School, but now?  I'm ooooooold.  My hands chaff and putting lotion on them BURNS because the skin is so raw, unless I have really good lotion (more on that in a second).  My shoulders ache.  We had a wind chill of -15 the other day, so I stand firm in my opinion that southerners aren't being big babies.  We aren't used to this!  I'm wearing leggings under my pants, two pairs of socks, two shirts underneath my sweater, and I thrifted a spring coat that fits UNDER my winter coat (and is perfect when I'm working in the coldcoldcold library archival room) and the other night I went to bed with my knit hat on.  Every time the sun sets, I think, well, that's one more day of winter behind us.  All of my fantasies involve moving to California.  On Car Talk the other day, a Californian caller was complaining about how her car makes funny noises when it's "really cold out".  When pressed, she admitted "really cold out" meant the low 60's.  BOOOOOOO.

To soothe my winter hatreds, normally around this time of year I'd be stocking up like mad on Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Lupercalias (Luper link NSFW due to Victorian sassiness) but I'm hesitant about using straight essential oils right now, so I've been using the following items as backups to help me suck it up in this winter misery:

First up, I adore this perfume cream from Library of Flowers.  My two favorite scents are Linden and Willow & Water (granted, I haven't been able to try them all -- I wish I could!).  They also come in straight hand lotion, but I've found this hand cream to go a long way on the rough tops of my hands, and the bonus is that it smells divine.  (Apparently I'm not the only one to love this stuff, since this is the one that was, according to the icon above, also featured in O.  Figures.  It's good stuff!  I discovered them at Urban Gypsy.) 

One thing I miss about living closer to DC was my relative proximity to a brick-and-mortar Lush store. Their shipping is on the high side, but the products are worth it, but it does mean I *try* to hang on until we visit someone in DC to swing by.  The last time we went, I picked up this No Drought dry shampoo, thinking it would be good for camping.  As it turns out, it's been far more useful for these freezing mornings when I DO NOT want to wash my hair and be all cold even in the short amount of time between washing and drying.  It may also help on those days when I want to spend 5 more minutes in bed instead of 5 extra minutes washing my hair...  No Drought smells soft and sweet, and works like a charm (I think -- if people who've been around in IRL think otherwise, hopefully they'd tell me my pixie-mullet was looking a little worse for wear, right?).  Bonus if you care about this sort of thing: it's vegan.  

One more lotion!  I am picky about my lotions, because stuff that's too greasy is, well, too greasy.  Enter Nubian Heritage.  It smells divine.  I like the Honey & Black Seed and the Goat's Milk & Chai varieties best, of the ones I've had a chance to try.  It's not too oily, I get compliments on it all the time, and if people seeking you out to borrow your lotion is a good sign, then this stuff is stuff to hang onto indeed!  Bonus: it's very inexpensive, and a little goes a long way.  I tend to keep this in my purse for using throughout the day, while I leave the Library of Flowers cream at home for an initial dab in the morning.

Wishlist bonus:  Leg Warmers from Sock Dreams.

I haven't bought these brass spat-like legwarmers yet, but I am keenly eyeing them in one of my tabs.  Maybe with my next freelance check, though...  Until then, I'll just keep doing what I've been doing: coming home every night, filling the tub with hot water, and sitting on the edge with a good book and letting my feet thaw out like an old person with a bucket.  (I would take a steamy hot shower/bath, but the scalding variety I prefer is off-limits until after this baby gets here.  So for now, my feet will have to enjoy it alone.)

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