Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Valentine From Me To You: A Comic Giveaway

I love Liz Prince.  I have a major artist-author crush on her.  Her graphic novel Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed made me practically pee my pants, and also made me feel lots of feels.  Now as a gift to the world, Prince has released her newest collection, Alone Forever.  When paired with Wet The Bed, it sort of shows the ~duality of man~ in terms of relationships and, like, stuff.  Go read her -- she's a hoot and you'll fall in love like I did.

I went ahead and ordered a copy from Top Shelf to share one here. Knowing you're out there commenting and reading what I write is kind of like a Valentine that I get on a consistent basis in my inbox, so in return I'd like to give a Valentine back to one of you.  Oh my god barf did I just write that.  But anyway, what better way than with an Alone Forever comic book giveaway?  You make me feel not-alone-forever!
Copyright Liz Prince

How to enter:
1.  Comment on this blog entry telling me your favorite author, whether they're a graphic novel author or otherwise -- any favorite "author-crush" you've got!
2.  Tweet a link to this blog entry and comment again with a link to said tweet

Easy-peasy!  A winning commenter will be chosen via random number generator on Valentine's Day, and I'll mail you your book once I receive it from Top Shelf.  I'm happy to ship worldwide so don't let your zipcode stop you from entering.  It's a lightweight book, it's not like shipping an encyclopedia!

Thank you for being such awesome readers & friends, old and new (new reader?  please feel free to enter -- this is for you too!).  I love sharing my life and loves with you & hope as more readers come aboard that the level of kindness and awesomeness in the comments will continue.  So enter so I can show you my feeeeeeels!  (Ew, that sounds icky.  They're totally non-icky feels!)  

Fine print: I bought the to-be-given-away book with my own monies.  I am not affiliated with Liz Prince, although that would be cool because she is awesome, and neither am I affiliated with Top Shelf.   As always, I just like sharing stuff.  Even if you don't win, I hope you end up liking Prince.  Liz Prince that is.  I mean, if you read this post and start liking the other Prince, that's cool too I guess.


  1. It's super nerdy, I know, but I love Sarah Dessen. We're both from the same state, and I started reading her books when I was a teenager. It doesn't even matter that I'm not a teen anymore- her books are still my favorite. I've met her twice so far, and it's so hard for me not to fangirl over her. She's really awesome.

  2. I haven't read anything from Liz Prince, so this is really exciting, especially because I'm squeezing in a few extra graphic novels this month. Picking a favorite author is almost impossible, but I'm a pretty big Meg Wolizter fangirl right now. (I tweeted your awesome giveaway here:

    1. Hey! You won! I'mma try to contact you directly, but wanted to put this here too! :)

  3. Oh yay, sharing books and authors is the best, I have never read lots of comics (except for Persepolis, which I loved) and children's stuff (like the Peanuts, Archie, etc). Hyperbole and a half is great though.

    So I will give you my absolute favorite author, which is Julio Cortazar. Rayuela (Hopscotch) is considered his masterpiece but some people find it dense, boring and difficult to read because he writes in a mish-mash of languages and constantly references people you might never have heard about (Cortazar's culture, or more, his main character, Oliveira, was very vast). But that's not what the book is about, it's about the magic in everyday life, about wanting to reach Zen and not being able, being locked up in a too rational mind, it is a love story, it is about revolutions and not conforming, it is so many things.

    But if you find starting with Hopscotch unbearable, his short stories are great. Look for "Axolotl" or "Letter to a Young Lady in Paris". His stories are about surreality, magic, randomness, synchronicity in every day life events.

    Here is the link to the tweet: