Thursday, February 13, 2014

Comics, Snow, Waffles!

Firstly, just so you don't forget, you've still got a day to enter my free ALONE FOREVER comic book giveaway here (really you've got two days, since I'm not pulling the winner until late in the evening on Valentine's Day) so that I can send you the package that arrived in the mail yesterday.  :D  Happy Galentine's/Valentine's day!

In other big news, we got a little over a FOOT of snow yesterday, and it's still snowing now!  For Virginia, this is Capital Not Normal.  Originally the work plan was for staff close to neighborhood branches to walk & cover the branches they lived closest to, but we ended up with an honest-to-goodness SNOW DAAAAAAY.  We might be in the educational arena (books, promoting literacy and learning, etc) but we don't get snow days often (I think this is my first full one!).  We're often considered on the more-essential end of the city-service spectrum where I live, which is AWESOME because any time a library is considered essential it's a win for the profession since we have to fight for that idea sometimes. know......SNOW DAAAAAAAY.  Work is important, but in the words of Leslie Knope, the three most important things in life are friends, waffles, and work.  Today is a waffle day.

(Well, a waffle day and a digging-out-my-car day!)

Insert Standard LOOK AT THIS SNOW LOOK AT IT photo here

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