Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Follow February

Emergency Compliment
I have no idea if "Follow February" is a thing.  "Follow Friday" is a on Twitter though, so I'm going ahead with the concept here on the blog to highlight a few blogs (and one YouTube blog/show) that I love, in the hopes that more people like them too.  I'm breaking them down into categories so you can peruse a little more easily, but like many things that can be cataloged, some of them could bleed over easily into a second or third category too.  We're going with the top, main heading here!

Note: I apparently use the word "genuine" a lot.  I like genuine people.  Don't we all?


398rva: Ame is an awesome IRL friend of mine, and she recently started blogging again.  She talks about reading and library things, and becoming a sudden Down Syndrome advocate.  Her latest post, Don't be a Debbie Downer about DS, Dammit! is worth reading, regardless of whether your child has DS or not.  In fact it's good reading for ANYBODY who might come into contact with a parent of a child with a disability.  AKA, everyone should read it and take note.

Fancy Librarian: She's just so positive all the time!  She's got quotes galore, links to helpful professional librarian advice, and cute pictures of hedgehogs are in there too.

The Library is Infinity Under One Roof / Librarylydia: Whether it's a picture or a quote or a thought-piece, this Tumblr is a nice scroll when I'm feeling down.  It's such a pick-me-up!

The Magpie Librarian: Ingrid rules!  She's sassy, has Opinions, and gives no apologies for either.

Life, The Universe, and Everything

Better in Real Life: Lauren writes honestly about life with her nearly-year-old son and husband (err, her husband is more than a year old, I should clarify) -- she seems very *real*, although apparently she's better in real life.  ;)

A Safe Mooring: Uhhhh so in addition to being delightful she has a whole tag for Dogs Wearing Clothes.  So, she's pretty much perfect.

Children & Family-Building

Documenting Delight: This is such a dang lovely blog.  Basically, she takes a photo a day of her children enjoying the heck out of life.  It's really beautiful.  Also, Australia!  A lot of "mommy" blogs might come across as a little too perfect, but this one just is so darn genuine and, well, delightful.  I love it to bits.

Girl's Gone Child: Feminist mom of four.  Her tagline/book, From Wild to Child, encapsulates a lot of her life, and I enjoy reading her perspectives on, you know, stuff.

Poppies and Ice-cream:  Amanda and I found each other through APW, and have been following each other's IF stories for a while.  She just had her baby girl.  But wait!  She's also a vet, and a Mexican expat living in the Netherlands.  Her "Delicacies of the World" posts are a delight (even when they're in Spanish, as they sometimes are, I drool over the photos).


The Best Remedy: Just look at the dinner tag.  ...  Okay, are you back?  No?  Still bookmarking every one of those for later?  Mhmm.  You're welcome!  (Those puffy corn pancakes with tomato + blackberry sauce = OM NOM NOM.)

My Drunk Kitchen: Okay, so everyone surely knows about Hannah Hart by now, but just in case you don't, stop everything and watch Butter Yo Shit right now.  Her book, My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking and Going with Your Gut comes out later this year.  I love her, and she seems like a genuinely Good Person, with capital letters and everything.

Prettiness (& Life)

Lauren McGlynn Photography: Even if you're not in the UK & looking for a wedding photographer (although if you are, here, let me match you up!) Lauren's work is simply stunning.  Also, she is pretty much the Nicest Person Ever, holy cow.  Also, did I mention stunning?

Peonies and Polaroids: Apparently I just love UK photographers.  I've been following her blog for a while, I think since I read her post about having her twins/going through the infertility medical process that brought her and her husband to that point, and I haven't stopped reading since.  She seems lovely and sane.  (Though perhaps, what with having twins, it's just an elaborate illusion, the sanity.  ? )

I'm always on the lookout for new blogs to add to my Feedly lists, so feel free to share your favorites in the comments!

*This is not a definitive list of blogs I love and follow!  If you weren't featured here but I follow your blog, please don't be hurt!  I hope to do more of these so I can fit more of my reading list in.  :)


  1. I've updated my "regularly scheduled programming" post a bunch of times but it definitely needs updating again. Still, could be useful:

    Right now my favorite podcast is Welcome to Night Vale and my favorite fashion blog is

    1. eeexcellent.

      And I LOVE Night Vale. SO GOOD.

  2. Hi! I never blog anymore but I'm the one who commented on the FB group. My blog was anonymous, which is why I'm also commenting here. Hopefully that made sense! :)

  3. Ohh, first of all thanks for the mention! I will definitely be adding more blogs to my list (fun!), so thanks for that too.
    Perhaps you know them, but other blogs I love and regularly read are:

    -Far far away by Fiona Lynne (also currently pregnant after a miscarriage struggle :( ), She writes about faith quite a bit, but not in a "I want to impose my views on everyone way", rather, she is always very wise, smart, thoughtful and one of the kindest persons I know, and feel lucky to call her a friend.

    -The Celebration Girl. Marcela has a passion for baking and photography, but she also sometimes writes about yoga, travel, home-schooling her adorable twins. She makes cooking seem easy. She is down to earth and smart, and a bookworm like us

    -And if you want to continue drooling, my favorite home-baker blog is Raspberri cupcakes, written all the way from Australia. So creative, so pretty. Might make you want to eat your screen.

    I also really like"If life gives you lemons" , Blanca, a fellow mexican, who's lived in the UK, Australia and Canada and writes about life, travel, photography.