Monday, March 24, 2014

To-do wishlist: 4 months, 5 things

Sloth To-Do List by Liz Climo

I feel like I've got four months to basically Get Shit Done before it gets pushed to the back-burner for a while.  But I could have even less than four months, for all I know.  Behold, my list of things I want to accomplish before this baby arrives.  Or, in other words, feast your eyes on this list of things that may or may not actually get done.  But I can dream, right?

1.  Fix. This. Blog.  I have such a basic blog set-up here, and I would *love* to hire somebody to help me make it prettier and less cobbled together.  I mean, I made this header in Pixlr.  Everything else is standard blogspot.  I know it could be SO MUCH NICER, but...I am not the person to make it so.  This is about my limit.  (Are you a designer?  Let's talk about design & your pricelist!  Or, do you know somebody who does design work?  hayley.deroche at gmail if you want to chat in-depth)

2.  Publish Part 2 of Creepypasta!  If I can hammer out a minimum of 1k/week of pants-wetting stories, this is totally doable...

3.  Teach my Aussie how to walk on a leash without gleefully yanking my arm off.  Help.

4.  Make a terrarium.  I got this Tiny World Terrariums book from the library and now I'm smitten.  Trendy?  Yes.  Adorable?  Also yes.

5.  Figure out how to cloth-diaper.  Anybody have a cloth-diapered baby I can borrow?  I feel like I should probably learn how to do this ahead of time...crap.

6.  Bonus-round: FIND A PLACE TO LIVE.  Yeah, I guess this is important.

(I'm taking suggestions, too.  What are things you made sure to get out of the way pre-baby?  Things you wish you'd done?)


  1. The nice thing about Blogger (hey, there are nice things!) is that there are a ton of talented people making templates and selling them really reasonable on Etsy (like this: Lots of good custom designers there, too!

    1. Iiiiinteresting. I may end up going that route! :) Thanks!

  2. We (very reluctantly, at first) cloth diapered our second baby. I'm no expert, didn't try many different kinds or do tons of research...but we used Best Bottom diapers (bought them from and ended up very happy with them. We used the same set of shells and liners from about 5 months to 2.5 years. At the end of that time, they were all still in great shape. Also, the poop stains really bothered me, even when I knew the diaper WAS actually clean. I laid the liners out in the sun, like everyone suggests, and that really works! Naturally bleaches those things bright and white again. For washing, use the hottest water setting and detergent without scent, etc. as that builds up in the diaper and impedes absorbency. Also, if you can add a little vinegar to your rinse cycle, that helps naturally rinse and soften the diapers (and it doesn't smell once it's rinsed).

    Cloth diapering was definitely more work than disposable diapering, but easier to figure out and do than I expected. It's not hard to get the hang of it - it'll be less daunting when you're actually doing it. Good luck!

    1. I feel like all the information is just very overwhelming -- you'd think being a librarian person that parsing out good information from meh would be easy, but this particularly thing is really baffling since it has this set language and people toss lingo around without explaining the differences! It's been slow-going, but I think we're going to try BumGenius ones, bunches of prefolds....not sure what else.

    2. I hear you. The internet is...somewhat long-winded and passionate on the subject of cloth diapering. It is totally overwhelming. I've heard lots of good mentions of BumGenius, though!

  3. I wrote about our experience with Bumgenius cloth diapers here: Lots of info on how we do it in that post!

  4. Ugh, WHY is cloth diapering so confusing on the internet? I found the Cloth Diapering 101 info at to be really helpful. We're doing pre-folds and covers for the newborn size. I know some people find a separate set of newborn diapers is not worth the investment if they have a bigger newborn, so they just use disposables until baby fits into the one-size diapers. I've heard lots of great things about BumGenius, so I'm definitely considering them for after they outgrow newborn size. As for the actual "how" to cloth diaper, I've found tons of videos on YouTube (literally found myself watching video after video one day of "how to fold prefold cloth diaper") which is helpful to actually see instead of just looking at diagrams.