Friday, April 25, 2014

Guess I'll go eat worms

Summer: [cuddles up to Patrick's side of the bed in the morning, nubby tail wiggling furiously]
Me: That dog worships you and seems to just absent-mindedly love me.  I'm the substitute snuggler.
Patrick: Well, that's because you abandoned her.
Me: Huh??
Patrick: When you moved to Roanoke, you left her alone with me.  You were gone forever!
Me:  She's never going to forgive me, is she?
Patrick: Nope.
Me:   8(
Summer: [ :p :p :p :-* :-*  wiggle wiggle wiggle  :) at Patrick ]

This dog's going to be so disappointed with this baby when she realizes it might cut into her snuggling time with Patrick THE GOD even a little.  At least she won't miss me...  *tiny violin*

Actual question while I'm on the topic: how *did* your pets (dogs, specifically) react to your baby?  Obviously I know there are stories a-plenty all over these here Internets about people's pets and their babies, so it's really just anecdotal curiosity.  My biggest concern these days is actually that a baby + 2 dogs won't fit in either of our small cars if we need to all go someplace, like to visit my inlaws.  God, I miss my station wagon...


  1. Oh my gosh, Aussies are so cute/tempermental/jerkfaces. I swear mine loves my husband the most, but she's so protective of me around other people, it's ridiculous. Our trainer actually offers a service where she'll come to your house and go over everything about bringing a baby into your home for your specific breeds/pet personalities - she's pretty amazing:

    1. Thank you! I may just look into that. Heck, maybe she can help with a couple of trouble-spots too. Like walks. Did you find her pricing reasonable?

    2. We paid for a program that is basically a lifetime of training, so one on one classes at our house/in parks/outdoor malls etc. until Ruby was all set and then she can attend weekly group classes for $5 whenever we want. For how awesome it is, it is totally worth it and comparable to other trainers, but not necessarily cheap. There are people in our group classes that have kids - they bring them to help us with distractions :) - that have talked about how the baby intro class was one of the best things they did, though I'm not sure what it costs.

  2. You can do several things to get the dogs "used" to the idea that a baby is coming, for example put the car seat / bouncer with a doll and let them smell it. But in many cases it is not necessary as the dogs recognize the baby as a new member of the family and protect it as well (it's hormonal). If there is an issue, a vet can treat the specific behaviour. It is in Spanish, but in this chapter of the series "Hospital Veterinario" they show how they taught a dog (it's the west highland white terrier) that a baby was coming and that he should not show aggressive behaviour towards it. But, if a priori your dogs are not aggressive it should not be needed.

    1. They're not aggressive so much as TOTALLY SUPER EXCITED TO SEE EVERYBODY. So I'm more concerned about exuberance than anything else. :-X Thank you!

  3. True story: We are renting a larger car this summer when we go on vacation, because while basset hound + kiddo fits into our Yaris. Basset hound + kiddo + a week's worth of stuff does not. I figure renting a care 1-2 times a year is still cheaper than buying a larger car.

    We did nothing in particular to acclimate Charlie to Frances. He seemed a little depressed at first, but she grew on him a lot when she started eating/dropping solids. She loves him so much - loves to give him hugs and "boss" him around. He tolerates her very, very well.

    1. Heh, yeah, I've got a car similar to a Yaris (Chevy Aveo hatchback). Great little cars...but just that...little! Do let me know how the renting with a dog works, are rental places really cool with that? I'm just thinking of wear and tear. (My dogs don't ruin stuff, but muddy paws, all that...)

      I hope my dogs can just entertain themselves, but I suspect us being home but not paying as much attention to them will cause some initial...consternation. Particularly from the Corgi, who is *quite* bossy when it comes to demanding attention. Methinks I've got my work cut out for me! Maybe if I start dropping scraps more often... ;)

  4. I can't offer much relevant help, since we've got cats that only demand love when they REALLY want it, but the nurses gave us hospital blankets and other items with Warren's new baby scent that we took home and put around their scratching post so they could get used to the aroma before he came home. Some animals can be quite sensitive and territorial about new creatures entering the picture. We even resorted to buying some plug-in hormone releasing thing in case they were to freak out and pee everywhere, but thankfully they didn't mind so much. Xander, my older cat, still avoids Warren like the plague, but Willow cuddles up next to him. I ended up being more worried when Warren got to the crawling stage because when a kid can officially approach an animal, then that's where it gets interesting. :)

    Thankfully your little lady is due over the summer, so you can walk both her and the dogs giving them both attention. :)