Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend recap: Rubber Duck edition

Rubber Duck by artist Florentijn Hofman at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk

Buying new sheets + sleeping in (so exciting, new sheets!)
Checking the hail damage on the community garden plot (verdict: could have been worse!)
Maymont wandering
Trying to take a picture that shows evidence I'm having a baby in <9 weeks.  My posture is terrible.
Me: "This just makes my butt look big."

Me: "Well, I guess that's better in the butt department...  I swear there's a baby in there!"
Patrick: "Just take one wearing one of your tank tops! It's obvious then!"
Me: "But those are pajamas!"

I should note that Patrick spent a HUGE amount of time this weekend doing wonderful things.  Things like sanding and painting an old dresser we snagged at Diversity Thrift for Winnie (pictures forthcoming, but it's looking adorable), his usual mowing and cooking, taking over laundry-basket-carrying duty for me (which is, like, half the chore in and of itself), and saving our lives by not swerving into other cars when some Memorial Day dingleberry fool's red cooler came hurtling towards us suddenly on 64 in traffic going 70 (he managed to think quickly about where the BEST place to hit it would be, since it was either swerve, or hit it) and I'm fairly certain I never want to drive anywhere ever again because OTHER PEOPLE MAN.  Secure your coolers, please!  My car's currently in the shop this morning getting checked before my commute just to make sure nothing got busted, but all seems well.  My nerves aside, of course...

I'm lucky to be married to this guy.

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