Monday, May 26, 2014


I've been trying new things lately.  Weird, crazy things.

1. Manicures. I used to be like, Biggest Money Waste Ever about manicures. Before recently, the last professional nail appointment I went to was when I was 12 and visiting a relative in CA who thought I could use a girly outing -- as soon as we got back to their place, I jumped in the pool and ruined my nails, because I was way more interested in swimming than worrying about my nails. Wait, maybe I got them done for my wedding?  I don't recall for sure.  I might have?  The fact that I don't know if I cared that much or not probably says enough.  Anything Else Ever Is More Important Than Nails has been my stance...until I got one recently and realized, hey, my hands look LOADS better when the polish isn't all wonky from me effing it up then petting my dog or putting pants on or something too soon. Win all around. Glitter abounds.

2. Stretch pants. Can we talk about maternity pants for a second? I want to wear them forever. And I have so many questions! Is this why people wear yoga pants? Are yoga pants the maternity pants of non-maternity? How many yoga pants should I buy after the maternity pants get stale? 10? 20? A MILLION? Don't get me wrong, I love my closet full of corduroys (swheesh swheesh swheesh swheesh) but I've become a convert to comfort (though I won't cross the yoga-pants-at-work line, so don't be too concerned with my sudden pants-lust; I haven't lost all sense).  This does have me worried though that next I'll be singing the praises of Crocs or something.  Yikes.

3. Closing my email tab around 9PM or so. Of course, I'm not necessarily getting off the computer then, but I have been trying to close out the Gmail tab at a reasonable hour (sometimes...). I don't forward my work emails to Gmail anymore the way I used to (new library, new policies) and I've found it's very, very nice to not ping as often. I like it so much in fact that I prefer just letting some things sit until the morning if they arrive after my Gmail "on" hours. Related: switching my phone to vibrate. Again, magical. I still have the Pavlovian response to random notifications (aka, rewards), but by setting limits on myself and turning things a little lower, I find I feel a little more balanced. I'm not anti-technology (um, my job is information related!) but I am anti-technology-ruling-my-life.  Baby steps!

What else have I been missing out on? Tell me! Try anything new recently that you wrote off before diving into?  (But please don't tell me I've been missing out on Crocs.  I don't think I could do it.  Or those scary jogging toe shoes.  Nope nope nope!)

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