Saturday, June 28, 2014


I am so sorry I don't have a cute nickname for you.  People have asked if I do, and I feel a bit chagrined when I say, no, not really.  No cute "Bean" in residence, I'm sorry to say.  Mostly this is because most people come to the Bean nickname by way of that first ultrasound where their babies look like, well, beans.  In my case, the first time I "saw" "you" you were one of two blobs squeezed from one tube into a second tinier tube and flickering for five seconds on a large screen, amorphous, just one of two tiny blobby possibilities, five days into the whole "becoming a person" process.  (I'm sorry your shipmate blob didn't like their womby accommodations enough to stick around, by the way.)

It just felt mean to call you Blob, though.  I think you'll forgive me.

I'm also sorry I haven't been reading you books in utero.  Apparently I'm supposed to be doing that, judging by the questions and the "Oh..." answers when I say no, I hadn't thought to do so.  I figure you've got a lifetime for books though.  You're rather stuck with them, given that I'm a librarian.  For now, I figure I'll let you rest up.  I have an epic reading list waiting for you whenever you're ready.

Mama?  I don't have a nickname yet, either.  So on this, we're rather even.


  1. I like Blob, but considering you've been calling her Winnie, that sounds like a nickname to me! I haven't been reading to Natalie either, but I read to Warren, so hey, if Natalie wants to listen, she totally can. I remembered to put on my lullabelly band once a few weeks ago so she could hear blasted music from my iPod, but that's about it. The reading is just to get baby familiar with your voice, and if you ever use your voice at all, then you're good. ;)

    Also, damn you seem to get specific questions. I only get "When are you due?" over and over along with "Shew, you'll be pregnant over the summer?! Sucks." Get creative, people!

  2. See, any very few people have asked when I'm due at all! So I'm just getting the oddball questions and you're getting all the due date ones, clearly. And yeah when my dad asked me about reading to her (but a library staff person asked me too!) I was like, well, I figure she's hearing my voice as I talk all day and that is probably sufficient! :P

    I just love the nickname Winnie. And Freddie. Hee hee.

  3. One fun thing I tried when I was pregnant with Warren was using the lullabelly to play audiobooks to him. That way he got some professionals to read classics. I definitely don't do that now since my OB said, "Eh, he only needs about half an hour from that device. Why give him more?" That felt like a random time slot to me, but hey, her medical school debt > my ignorance. :)

    Reading aloud is only fun when the kid is actually out and can at least try to look at the pictures. Winnie hears you talk in the library all day so she's getting prepared for a life of books as it is. Might as well not overwhelm her, right? ;)