Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Drunk rainbow cupcakes

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I'd been dying to make these cupcakes for MONTHS ever since I saw them on Pinterest and on some foodie magazine cover.  They look so simple, right?  So, I decided to make some over the weekend, because if a bunch of people were going to be at my house, what better time than the present to foist them upon the masses?

Of course, I realized on baking day that the round cupcake tin went missing during the last move.  There is always-always-always one box of kitchen things that goes astray when we move.  However, I did find a square pan.  Good enough, I said!  And it was.  They were a little on the small side, limiting the number of marshmallow clouds I could fit, but this...this was not my undoing.

The original instructions said to use Airheads Xtremes Rainbow Berry belts, but I opted to toodle into For the Love of Chocolate because they're my go-to for anything sweet.  It's a tiny little wonderland.  They had in-house rainbow belts, so I went with those.  In hindsight, this was my undoing.

Go home rainbow, you're drunk.

Dismayed, I tried to freeze the belts into place, but this was a foolhardy and ultimately futile attempt at shaping them.  After all, you can't really serve cupcakes from the freezer, and once *out* of the freezer, the frozen-in-place aspect tends to dissolve.  But still!  I persevered, and eventually figured out that if I snipped the belts and made then rainbows a bit smaller, they could pass muster.

Cupcake, please try to walk a straight line, heel to toe, heel to toe...

Better!  Maybe not totally in focus, but better!  


Drunk or not, they were delicious (I mean, you can't stray but so far when you're using box cake mix!).  Patrick's 6-year-old twin cousins approved mightily.  And in the end, if 6-year-old girls can agree that cupcakes are divine, I think I can tally the effort in the Win column.  

Advice for those wanting to make these: check the flop-factor of your belts and adjust accordingly!  (This was totally not the fault of For the Love of Chocolate -- it was all my own fault for picking the wrong product!  They probably HAD the Airheads there, too!)

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  1. I love them, they are so cute. The drunk rainbows remind me of psychedelic worms :) I just recently made a rainbow cake too, great minds huh?