Friday, June 27, 2014

How to scare a pregnant lady with mail

This book is kind of really-good and kind of really-horrifying.  It needs some trigger warnings!  Also, almost every story is "How I failed to get the natural birth I wanted" which is good and nice to have realistic voices, but also kind of repetitive after a while.

Life is moving, but at a weird pace.  I'm reading tons of books and yet feel like nothing will really prepare me.  I met the 36-week benchmark, which makes me feel good, since according to my mom I was born a month early, and I would very much like to avoid that happening to Winnie, thankyouverymuch.  

Of course, it sure seems like the universe is conspiring to make me go into stress-induced labor sometimes.  For example, I got a surprising letter from my insurance company saying I owed $945 for a blood/glucose test.  There are so very many WTF's to be had about that whole situation -- the cost for *that* routine test (a couple vials of blood, some sugary Tang...?!) being that much, the fact that I was being told the pathology lab in the same system as my midwife clinic was inexplicably not a participating care provider with my insurance, the fact that the insurance company's website said it was "approved"... it was enough to give me a heart attack.  However, upon calling the actual insurance people, I discovered that this is their new routine with the pathology lab: send "explanation of benefits" notices that scare the pants off people, but then never actually send a bill, per some weird billing agreement they have set up.  So yeah!  If anybody wants a spontaneous induction, I suggest getting a test run through my teaching hospital's pathology lab, because when you get that letter, at minimum you'll wet yourself.

So that was fun!  We're also still trying to get in touch with my old landlords, who are very actively avoiding us, since they owe us a deposit back.  Fun times there!  I really hate renting because we have to rely on so many other people to get shit done, to fix the boards on the deck that was never weather-sealed (were never sealed...was...were...I'm going to say was, and that'll agree with the singular deck...), to paint over things like A BLOOD STAIN ON THE WALL (I swear this is a Thing in my current house, oh my god), and create the home we want to create.  And get money when it's owed!  However, I don't think we'll buy anything again for a while.  I'd rather pay down current debt, and set aside money for possible IVF or adoption stuff in the future, since we know now we can't necessarily own here *and* do that (or, you know, summer camp for the kid, if we decide we're done after one...given the gamble that is IVF/adoption, that's a distinct possibility).  Lesson learned!  So, we grit our teeth with renting and its various headaches.  Better to learn from the lessons we've been taught.  I'm kind of done with chasing some things, and home ownership is something I'm willing to let fall by the wayside if it means making decisions that have a greater net benefit for us down the road.  But man I'd really like to paint over these stains on the walls...  But hey, less owning = more travel money, in addition to paying down debt, saving more, etc.  So, there's that.  People say renting is throwing away money, but for our particular situation, not necessarily, if you look at it the right way.  I just have to focus on the good rather than the sucky.  

At the end of the day if I can come out on top by saying, hey, I didn't have to pay $945 for some Tang and a needle in my hand, AND I got some boards on my deck replaced (blood stains, you're next...), AND I haven't gone into early labor...well, I can't complain that much, right?  

Onward and upwards, as they say!  Tally ho!

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  1. How rude of your previous landlords. Have you done your super scary certified letters yet?