Monday, July 7, 2014

3.21 Carry

Photo by nineminutes, used via Creative Commons License

I recently fell into the black hole of babywearing wraps/carriers.  It makes a lot of sense for those able to do so, but it is an expensive endeavor, this babywearing!  Typical woven wraps range from $80 to $300 (for a safe, tested, quality wrap made by professionals).  We were lucky to be gifted an Ergo (thank you Lauren!) and a Moby (thank you Ame!) so I'm holding off on any woven wraps for now, in part because of the pricing!  Even if you peruse used woven wrap forums, they're reselling them at new or close-to-new prices.  While this may seem reasonable given the cost of strollers (also a form of expensive baby-carrier) I think the sticker shock is worse with the wraps because it's a piece of woven cloth.  Granted, it's woven cloth that's designed to hold a baby's weight, not just a swath cut down from Jo-Ann's necessarily, but it's still a relatively high bar of participation, especially if you have other more urgent expenses.  For me, this is no big deal -- it's an item I want, but for others, there might be more of a need, and yet, there's that ugly cost barrier.

But now, there's a solution for those who could use a wrap and may have those other more important expenses on the line.  The Maiden Metallurgist and her husband have started a non-profit called 3.21 Carry.  Their goal is to provide babywearing carriers to parents and caregivers of children with Down Syndrome and other special needs at no cost.  They take woven wrap donations, in addition to monetary donations.

When I first dove into the babywearing stuff online, I used The Maiden Metallurgist's Babywearing on a Budget post as a guideline.  I've followed her blog for a few years now and have always enjoyed it, so she was my natural go-to for that information.  Seeing that she's working to make babywearing accessible to more people brightened my day a little, so I wanted to share in case others would want to know and pass the information along too.


  1. Our little Lucy will turn 3 months on the 14th and as a first time Mom, I couldnt imagine those first few weeks without the Moby. Soft, stretchy and completely supported her (keeping her ultra close to me) especially in the hug hold position.
    Not comfortable using the soft structured carrier like the Ergo yet...maybe at six months or so. I LOVE the woven wraps and cant wait to try once I build my baby wearing skills a bit more....such a massive peice of cloth...its scary. Ive been to 2 baby wearing groups in ginterpark primarily just to watch and learn from other moms. Im such a novice...but baby wearing has been a life saver! Wish I could've made it out to one of the baby wearing classes at Franklin Goose, probably wouldve helped a lot.
    I regret so much the much research to finally get the mountain buggy (our only big splurge) she doesnt like it ....only used it twice. Very happy to loan it out to any other mom...its the same one as the floor model at Franklin Goose only in taupe/denim.
    Anyhow-love your blog! So happy you share about becoming a mom, I love the non babymaking posts too...only wish I found it sooner.
    Cant wait to hear about your adventures in baby wearing!

    1. Thanks for reading, Sarah! :) I found the Richmond babywearing group on Facebook and was thinking about going to one of their meetups at some point -- good to know Franklin Goose offers classes too.

      We ended up buying a stroller over the weekend -- good 4th of July sale + baby shower giftcards + registry completion discount = very yay (splurged on the jogging type....I hardly ever jog, but knowing Richmond's sidewalks, I can't imagine trying something with less hefty wheels!). I'm hoping we don't regret it, but I'm also nervous about babywearing while walking a dog, so at least at first I'm hoping the little one likes or at least tolerates the stroller for those types of activities.