Monday, August 18, 2014

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

The baby was mostly happy as a clam all day Sunday, riiiight up until one of the dogs started puking everywhere.

I can understand her upset.  I was upset too, as was Patrick who got the task of mopping up while I tried to soothe the sad baby while listening to new horks from afar and hoping they weren't on the ONE CARPET WE OWN (spoiler alert, he totally nailed it).  I'm sure Neville wasn't having that great a time either, although it's hard to tell with him since as far as he's concerned those horks were extra dinners he was putting out for himself.  

Happy Monday!  I go back to work later this week!  Horks all around!


  1. Oh man. I hate hearing the sounds of my cats either coughing up hairballs or vomiting. Of course, it has to be on the ugliest carpet known to all of mankind (so I can't really complain), but it'd be nice if it were on somewhere that was easier to clean. Poor Freddie.

    1. The sound alone makes me go all Sweet-Dee from Always Sunny D: