Monday, September 29, 2014

A fool and his money are soon parted

Finally start on that cap-sleeve tattoo fund

Buy a house again someday

Another IVF round + trip abroad for a meetup with that frozen embryo across the ocean

Say fuck it to owning a house and purchase an Airstream instead -- glamping forever!

Start a fund to eliminate the word "glamping" from all vocabularies everywhere, including my own

Cosmetic dentistry to fix these fluoride stains that cause me unceasing angst

Pay off debt and save save save <------- the name of the game outside of my fantasy list.  At least in my head, I'm covered in tattoos and have a prettier smile.  Someday, someday!


  1. Haha. The trail to Mordor is stroller-friendly, right? RIGHT?! #ifyoulikeditthenyoushouldaputmypreciousonit

  2. If you ever make it to Miami have a tattoo hookup who is related to me. JUST SAYING. <3

    Also this post has me now obsessing over my own list.

    1. oooo, fancy! :D Though Richmond is a SUPER inked city, so there's definitely a plethora of good artists here if I stay in town (I think we rank 3rd or something for most tattooed city)

    2. I would have never guessed! But that is awesome!! Just in case you need more tattoo frenzy browsing, check out my SIL: