Friday, October 31, 2014


A month ago on Halloween, I picked out my lucky bunny shirt and went with Patrick to the IVF clinic in Brno, and a year later...

Okay, so these pictures were actually taken prior to Halloween, but when you have a lobster costume and a baby in a good mood (mostly...) it's best to do a lobster test run.  Anyway, we are having a very happy Halloween (minus a slightly sad crustacean for a minute there).  What a difference a year makes.  

Now, Halloween is a really special holiday for us.  How wonderful that a year later we're able to spend it not hoping beyond hope, but instead zipping that hoped-beyond-hoped-for baby into a lobster costume.  Halloween should really be our family Thanksgiving.  Halloweensgiving.

I've been thinking a lot about how our IVF story really is our story, too -- mine, Patrick's, and our daughter's too.  It's this messy tangled up thing, and writing about it so openly now (like in this post with references to it, photos, etc) is definitely something I think about in the conversation about online presences of kids before they're old enough to decide what they want their online presences to be.  I've been thinking so much that I interviewed Mel of Stirrup Queens for my column for her wisdom, so if you're interested in more about that, I'd like to point you to my work over there today.

For now, I'll probably post baby photos, and taper off from there.  It's my story, and it's her story, and I'm trying to find the best way to tell it as it continues to unfold (and to know when it doesn't need to be told at all).  It's the Wild West out here in Internet land, and growing up having an online identity is such a new thing, that this is in no way a judgement based on what others have decided is right for their families and little ones.  Lord knows I waffle constantly.  I kind of want to be like Sweet Fine Day, with the kids just gracefully fading from the content over time as they aged.  

But for today, I want to practically shout from the rooftops how thankful I am that this Halloweensgiving we can celebrate.  It's not a birthday or anything, but it feels like a special little addition to the day.  I'll never forget walking through the streets of Brno, chilly autumn wind whirling around us, holding this secret hope and not knowing at all what lay ahead.

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