Monday, October 27, 2014

Library rule #1: The way to a kid's heart = stickers

Hello Kitty

Some days involve craziness, but then other days, I come into work and get reminded why it's all worth it.  I put together a Hello Kitty Reading Day event for this past Saturday, and the pictures the librarian who ran it took made me so happy.  These little kids had a blasty-blast with their Hello Kitty craft and library scavenger hunt (I threw down some rhymes and made them learn about where different types of books are in the library that Hello Kitty likes best -- did you know one of her favorite subjects is music?) and my only regret is that we had but 20 sheets or so of stickers to give away instead of 200.  Apparently the phrase "I WILL CHERISH THESE" was uttered regarding the cherry-scented stickers.

I feel ya kid.  I hoarded stickers like dragon's gold as a kid.  You don't use stickers.  They're for hoarding away until some inevitable someday when the sticker MUST be used, and one must wait for that perfect moment.  Sometimes for years.

So yeah.  It's been really hard to not feel completely exhausted all the time, and it sometimes helps to go into work and see photographic evidence of your awesomeness* according to 13 little girls.  Hooray.

*Okay, so Hello Kitty's awesomeness.  But I put the darn program together so I feel somewhat responsible for the grins, too.


  1. So can we see the photographic evidence of your awesomeness?

    1. I wish I could so bad! It's one of those Library Things though, where we have to get parents to sign model releases and everything in order to use images for library marketing, and they're only giving permission for the library, not the librarian and her blog. :( Which sucks since omg the pictures are ADORABLE!

  2. Sounds awesome! And I'm with you on stickers...definitely for the hoard, for cherishing, not for any old craft project. I've got one daughter who is like me in that regard and one who will use every single sticker she gets as soon as she gets it. And if it's a pack of stickers, she'll use them all on the same piece of paper. I've at least managed to convince her to spread them out single layer on the paper now. She used to stick them all one on top of the other in a big...sticker stack. I worried that her big sister might develop a permanent eye twitch if we didn't at least try to correct that tendency, ha!

    Do you get to plan events like that pretty often?