Monday, November 10, 2014

Four months // we're all mad here

We've hit the dreaded four-month sleep regression.  We are up every two hours, like clockwork.  Cute clockwork, but also sad clockwork.  And both of our cars have been in the shop a total number of three times this past week (and it will soon be five since there are TWO issues that have cropped up).  This is mostly due to sheer bad luck/timing and people not getting it fixed right the first (or second, apparently) time.  It's a bummer since we want to trade in Patrick's car, but we want to do that in about four months when it's all paid off, not now.  So, it's better to bide our time and plop more money down on the dumb thing.  It's just irritating, and it's --surprise -- really hard to finagle two jobs and a baby with only one car when my commute is 45 minutes away and it's my six-day work week.  

Somewhere in the past week I went to the dentist and got my usual scolding, and also found out that I suck more than normal -- yay pregnancy dental side-effects.  :(  I hate everything about my mouth -- my smile is awful these days.  I'm going back to see if I can get some stuff solved, but it just sucks to feel this self-conscious about something that's been this constant problem my whole damn life.  I had braces/retainer for something like 6 years for goddsakes.  It just kind of sucks because it's not like I'm particularly pretty (not trolling for comments here, I'm weird looking and I accept my quirkiness) and having a botched up front tooth really makes me feel horrid.  Deep breath.  It just sucks to try and try to take care of your teeth and still have your mouth rebel.  Also it's winter so I'm all chapped and feel gross.

On Monday nights Patrick has a grad class that runs from (lord save us all) 9-11pm because his professor is a CRUEL CRUEL INSANE PERSON -- granted, it's online, so it's not like he's elsewhere, and it does mean once I get the baby down that he can keep the dogs in the office with him to shut them up:

i will keep them quiet with doritos

and the promise of more doritos to come
you are the god of doritos

It is known

Anyway, we're all mad here.  I bought a $45 baby coat at Baby Gap, so that's how you can tell we've rolled into crazy town.  In my defense, I bought a $8 used baby coat at a consignment place but it ended up being too big, and then my Target apparently doesn't think babies under the 6-12 month size need coats because I struck out there, and then I decided I didn't have time to go a trillion places because my car was going in and out of the shop (see also: four month sleep regression = TIRED), and baby sizing is apparently as wacky as women's sizing so Baby Gap had something and Baby Gap won by that technicality.  And now my baby has two coats.  So there's that.  


Lots of eating pizza/mozzarella/peppers in bed, and just trying to survive this round of babyhood until we can advance to the next level.  I think the next level of insanity is actually buying this merino wool blanket I came across in Franklin Goose and wanted to mash my face into forever.  If counting those sheep would buy some real sleep, I'd totally buy it.  They could name a price and I wouldn't even blink.

What was the craziest thing you've spent money on and didn't even caaaaare?


  1. Oh bless y'alls heart. At least you've got that adorable little ginger baby to look at! She's so gorgeous.

    1. It's true! I can't really complain. :D

  2. Sleep regressions truly suck. I promise they eventually pass even though it doesn't feel like it now. The craziest thing? Hmm... probably the trip we are planning. Cooper will be too young to even remember it but we will!

    1. But he'll have fun in the moment, and that's important too -- memories are good, but in-the-moment experiences are pretty great too. :)

  3. "It just sucks to try and try to take care of your teeth and still have your mouth rebel." Yes to this, ugh. I have dental and periodontal issues too, so I am always super vigilant about taking care of my teeth. Yet...I always get the same lectures every time I visit the dentist. It drives me crazy! So...I feel for you. I hope you can get some of your dental stuff figured out!

    1. Suuuuuucks. I'm going back in a week or so to see if they can buff out the fluoride stain that's most horrible.