Saturday, November 15, 2014

Good things

That last entry was kind of a bummer, right?  Let's talk about good things.
  • Got about 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep from 2-8am today.  Oh weekend, glorious weekend.
  • I'm transferring to a slightly closer, larger library branch within my system, and assuming slightly more responsibility -- my talent in life is apparently changing things up as soon as I get any sort of routine going, right?
  • Patrick just brought me a plate of crackers & cheese
  • I think we're going to solve our "dogs are driving me insane" problem by baby-gating the living-room and getting a new loveseat.  I will end their reign of terror!  By which I mean, their reign of sleeping on and ruining the couch once we started hanging out in bed all day upstairs with the baby in July.  The one drawback to taking the TV out of the living room is that in cutting down our TV-time in there, the dogs sort of took it to mean that HAY THIS IS OUR ROOM NOW K.
  • I think I'm going to take up quilting.  I want to learn and I'm going to do it.  English paper piecing seems to be the easiest place to start.  
  • I pitched a story about finding the best cocoa in town!  And it's totally happening!  I get the best freelance gigs.  PAY ME TO DRINK COCOA!  I will always say yes!
  • There is still a lot of cheese on this plate -- om nom nom


  1. I quilt! I just randomly started in high school and have sort of been making it up as I go, although I do sometimes follow patterns now.

    Also, transferring to the new, larger branch - does that mean you aren't going between two branches any more? Or will you still be keeping one of the old branches?

    Yay for good things!

    1. Yep, just one branch now! :) Two was a challenge, and this new one will be a different challenge, but I'm verrrrry happy to hopefully gain a slightly better work/life balance (at least in terms of commutes ...and gas $).

      Are there any quilting books you'd recommend? I feel like I want something to do when I'm more housebound than I was pre-baby!