Saturday, November 29, 2014

Living arrangements

These three (soon to be four!) days off have been immensely refreshing.  I feel like if all weeks could be three-day-work-weeks I'd be a very balanced, calm, put-together person...said everyone on the planet who works full-time.  But you guys, I even raked the yard.  RAKED. THE. YARD.  That's how much I accomplished, that I was like, you know what could still be done?  Those leaves everywhere could be raked up.  And then I did it!  I feel like I need to put a sign out on my door saying "LOOKIT LOOKIT LOOKIT I RAKED.  I AM CONTRIBUTING TO THE UPKEEP OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD!"

Now if only I could contribute better to the upkeep of this darned house's interior.  There are times when I think it'd be better to pay someone to come and clean, but then I say eff it and clean and clean it myself, but it always seems to be a bit of a wash.

Not that kind of wash (that is, the best kind).  It's ridiculously hard to keep this place looking shiny when age and previous neglect of the place cause the need for more repairs and remodels and paint jobs than I plan on sinking into a home I don't own and the repair of which I don't benefit from long-term.  But don't get me started on the to-own-again-or-not-to-own-again debate.  Hello, headache.

In the!  


  1. Cleaning is impossible. I sincerely hate it. It feels like I am just shuffling the mess from one room into another room and messing that room up. I've been pretty good about cleaning the living room and kitchen lately but that's only because I've been up until 4AM on a regular basis with insomnia and feel like I need to channel energy somewhere.

    The back patio though? Literally 4-5 ft high piles of Halloween stuff that was thrown on top of each other and covers my entire patio because I have been putting off the storage process. Laundry room=3-4 ft piles making it nearly impossible to walk in there. Office, Cooper's room and the bedroom all need to be cleaned. Maybe we will figure this out before we're 40?

    1. SO IMPOSSIBLE. I need a million roombas. An entire army of roombas.