Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Flotsam & Jetsam

Thoughts that would otherwise be just extremely short posts, quilted together here for your convenience.

Out of focus, yes.  Cute, also yes

-Gold baby moccasins are cute, but not $60 cute.  Full stop.

-I have visions of making citrus/pine bough decorations, but I really need them to make themselves.

-Me reading Real Simple: "None of these people own real dogs do they?"  As though aside from that one thing, it's an accurate portrayal of life.

-My in-laws (bless them) are visiting this week, including during one of the days I have off (in place of Saturday since it was a Saturday Librarian weekend for me).  Patrick was all, 'You could go and have a day to yourself somewhere!  Zone out in Lamplighter or something all day if you want, that's why they're coming, to help us out!  Treat yoself!' but then I remembered that I need to pump, and I have an electric pump, and I suspect nobody would be pleased if I lugged my pump to see Mockingjay and was all "YO, anybody see an outlet anywhere in here?"  There's probably a French word for this feeling of futility -- Je Suis La Jeune Fille?  (Should mention that everything I know about French I learned from that Muzzy commercial...)

-We bought a brand new couch yesterday like motherfucking adults.  I am so excited for it to arrive, less excited about the cost, but really super excited about banning the dogs from the living room forever and ever amen to protect my prize tired-flopping place.

-The DeRoche house has been budgeting with YNAB for almost three months and I'm really pleased, and also I am a really boring person who blogs about how many months she's been using a budgeting system.  WOE.

-Yes, college guy in coffeeshop I'm overhearing, mansplain to that other student you're with what it's like to be a mom.  Sure!


  1. Bahahah that Muzzy commercial.

    Also: oh, the futility of having to pump every couple of hours. And having a baby that takes two naps a day. By the time you get ready to actually go out the door and do something, it's time to stop and do one of those things. People are always like "Yeah brah, just bring your baby, it'll be great!" but unfortunately it's not that easy. Hang in there! It does get better. Now Morella can go out for several hours at a time! Whee!

    1. My parents tried using Spanish Muzzy. It was.....not great. But what a wacky cartoon it was.

      I hate complaining about pumping (so I should probably stop complaining, but here I am, Complainy Person) because I'm glad to still be pumping anything at all however meager (though I don't see myself making it much longer). But it is a giant buzz-kill, no doubt. I will not be sad to say goobye to that pump!