Saturday, December 13, 2014

New career: Humbug exterminator

Don't Bug Me -- Fiffibella @ Threadless

My second batch of holiday cards intended mostly for family got rerouted to North Carolina, I got a big dental bill which we need to pay pronto if we want to try to deduct it from this year's taxes, heating a house with oil is like heating a house with PURE GOLD, and someone stole my debit card information and went on a shopping spree at the local Bed Bath & Beyond (infuriating since I need new sheets and was holding off because of the cost, ha) and Office Max ($200 of Post-Its I guess?).  Whatever.  I'm going to go buy a tree tonight and it's going to be HOLLY and JOLLY, because I refuse to let the humbugs get me down.  I am the humbug exterminator.  I REFUSE TO LET THE HUMBUG INFESTATION CONTINUE.


  1. Dear, dear! That is a lot to be getting on with during this expensive and festive time of year!! Keep your chin up!! <3

  2. Oh man, I love the idea of the HUMBUG EXTERMINATOR. I'm going to keep that in mind has those humbugs sneak in...