Sunday, January 11, 2015

Baby's first metal band tour

Whirlwind trip to Philly for Patrick's Bearstorm show in bullet points:

  • Freddie is a great little traveler!  Granted, we left at like 4:30AM so she'd sleep in the car for most of the 5 hours, but even on the daytime trip back she was a little champ.

  • She is a very discerning young lady regarding her bedding.  We stayed at a super posh hotel which had beds like CLOUDS and provided a crib (and mini baby toiletries) but perhaps due to it being a new place after a long day of travel, she only wanted to sleep with me.  I'd say it was a wash since she didn't use the amenity that was a main reason for us staying there (that and proximity to the venue) BUT the place had a breakfast lounge with, like, a maître d'.  Motel 6 yogurt cup "continental" this was not.  And they had a SPORTING CLUB.  I suggested we waltz into said sporting club but that only got a snort from Patrick.  I think we would have fit right in!  Anyway, babies do as babies do, and I'm happy to have a baby who just wants to snuggle with me (and the CLOUD BED, which means if anything she's a very smart baby and knew which sleeping place was the best one!).  That I'm preferable to a crib is a darn fine thing.  We'll look at it that way!  

  • People asked Patrick for a bowl and, when he said he didn't have one, was told "you don't look like the kind of person who doesn't have a bowl!"  This article is 100% not hyperbole you guys.  Happens EVERY.WHURR.  Insert laugh-cry emoji.  I feel like we have to start some sort of ongoing bingo game for paraphernalia that strangers ask him about in public.  

  • I'm not sure if we're cut out for any sort of larger pro-musician type of life -- he had a second show the following day back out near Charlottesville making this the tiniest tour ever.  I'm really happy to support my husband's band activities, but I think if they were to get much bigger I'd be very conflicted about it since when he's off setting up, drumming, and being polite and listening to the other bands (although at the CVille one he ducked out after their set to make it home), it means I'm on full baby duty.  I don't want to be a martyr about it though -- I want to be supportive of the stuff he does for fun, in the same way he takes the baby when I need to get writing done.  But band shows simply take more time.  But then you get into the whole 'are we splitting hairs here when we can just accept that our hobbies take different amounts of time?' question.  I like to think I'm supportive, but does it still count as being supportive if you don't really want them to get much more popular, or does that just mean life has changed and things look different now than they did before?  He's been with one of his bands longer than he's been with me (nearly 9 years now for us, 10+ for the other band) and Bearstorm for 4, so it's not like this is a passing thing for him.  I want them to be successful...but I'm also grateful that all the members have real jobs to keep them from some massive tour.  I'm very supportive of this as a hobby, basically!  PLEASE BE A SUCCESSFUL BUT NOT TOO SUCCESSFUL BAND, MMK?  I'm content with baby-sized tours!

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  1. I'm glad she tolerated the car trip well! Staying at a posh hotel sounds pretty lovely at the moment. :)