Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rabbit rabbit

Happiest of new years to you and yours, from us and ours.  2014 was nuts.  Hard and beautiful.  That's my year in review really.  On to 2015 -- further up and further in!

Goals for 2015:

  • Save money for a house downpayment.  I'll spare you my rambling woes about everything I hatehatehate about home ownership (a LOT of things) and simply say, Jesus Mary and Joseph do I hate renting even more.  On the bright side, we know so much more than we did the first time around.  But this year is about saving so that maybe come Spring 2016, we can pounce.  I will not wring my hands about my hatehatehate this year.  Either to myself or to others wishing to pursue home ownership.  I am a bad person and always have negative things to say first, and I need to cut that out.  I am trying to leave my home ownership baggage at home!

  • Maybe I should just save money for a horse downpayment instead.  Practically the same (what's one letter difference really make?), way fewer roof repairs.

  • Probably more hoof repairs though.  

  • I am abusing bullet points for no reason here...Anyway!  Onward to other goals!

  • Buy better bras.  Nuff said.

  • Learn to quilt.  Someone asked me the other day what I do for fun and I kind of glazed over and was like..."I used to hike sometimes?" I actually enjoy writing a lot, but I have a hard time doing this at my house.  Correction: I have a hard time doing this well at my house.  I can instantly tell if I wrote a piece at home versus Lamplighter.  So I need a better at-home hobby and to follow that up I need to...

  • Learn how to write well with constant ~flow~ interruption!  

  • Be kind to myself.  Nobody has (so far) said "Hayley this piece is terrible, throw it away in the garbage and burn that garbage immediately" about pieces I've written at home.  So there's that.  And thank you for that, people who edit my stuff (VAL).  <3


  1. We want to buy a house. I need to buy a house. We are drowning in baby and babies to come in our apartment. We will be lucky to be able to save 8% of what we need. I wouldn't care if my mortgage was 3k a month because I JUST WANT ALL THE BEDROOMS.

    Is this a real thing I can accomplish? I feel like we're stashing away money for this thing that is not a certainty? It feels like a fairy tell, i mean not even a happy ending just the kind that are totally made up? I don't care if you are negative. Am I crazy?

    1. You are not crazy! I will say having owned a home, it was so so frustrating to constantly not have money for things we HAD to fix. Like the roof that was like "oh hello 2k repair!" And we found out super late in the game how ridiculous the city property taxes were (about $250 extra tacked onto our monthly mortgage). If this is your first home would you be able to get a first-time-homebuyer deal of some sort? We don't qualify, but I hear that's a thing. ?

      It IS a real thing you can accomplish. Just go into it prepared for money to FLY away from you both in the process and as a routine fact of upkeep life. Things break, and suddenly YOU have to fix them or hire someone to fix them and it is LE SUCK when it's, say, a roof or your only bathtub or something.

      And don't "marry" the first house you look at. REALLY look hard at stuff ahead of time. We fell in love with the house we bought and it was great, except it was attached to a house that turned out to be abandoned. And there were raccoons living in it. And the city wouldn't do anything because we didn't own that side of the property so they didn't care about us reporting because we couldn't give them permission to enter said property so we were reduced to writing letters to the homeowner who never responded. Be a total sleuth about the house and the neighborhood before you buy.

      The benefit of owning is you can do whatever you want, and the money you're pouring into it is going towards an asset instead of to someone else's asset.

    2. Oh yeah, and the house we bought was built in like 1920. We won't do that again, I don't think. Upkeep really was a bitch. It was gorgeous but yeaaaaah.

      Basically, I just wouldn't go into homeownership thinking how much money you'll save! You will in the long run kinda, asset-wise, and if you flip it like we ended up doing two years into owning it you might make a profit (we did, we just used it for IVF instead of buying another house) -- but day to day, it never felt like we were saving money.

    3. Here is the only place where I feel like we'll save money: our rent is already 2k a month, plus we are trying to desperately SAVE for this down payment, which we will be lucky to get 8.5% of unless we wait like 3 years which just means my apartment will be taken over by tiny hands and feet and you will find me with wild hair and wild eyes in the corner of the closet. So the only real benefit is not having to obsessively put away and stress about this giant pot of touchless money. on TOP of daycare and rent and car payment. We'll also have our car paid off in the next year or 2 and so that will be a relief. This house will not be our forever house, it will be our house to get skin in the game. But I have learned my lesson with shitty apartments that I thought initially were SO CUTE, who cares about the windows?! so we're prepared to spend some time looking. I just need more fucking space. And I don't want to never be able to enter the housing market because we get priced out before we even get a chance to start. So here goes. I think probably we'll be sort of there in 1.5 hours. IF our credit union let's us get a mortgage with maybe 10% down? Ehhhh.

    4. And by hours i mean years? HOURS! HAHA!