Sunday, January 25, 2015

Things that are awesome at 6 months (I overuse the word "great"?)

(It takes a lot of attempts to do monthly pictures these days -- I've got quite the cute wiggle worm!)

  • The Happy Sleeper method (you know it's good and hip because they use the narrow YWFT Hannah font on their website) is working really great, and all of a sudden we are all sleeping for longer stretches of time.  I think my body is a little confused at the moment with the sudden uptick in sleep, because I've had insomnia a few times.  Come on self, it really is okay, you can sleep now, shhhhh.  But it's great.  Maybe I need to start using the Sleep Wave method on myself: "It's time to sleep now, self.  I'm right here.  I love you."  Hah.

  • Now that she goes down reliably between 7-7:30PM there's this whole new world of nighttime time.  The other night I plopped down on the couch with some wine, my Secret Garden coloring book (more on that another time but it is marvelous), new colored pencils, and A Bit of Fry and Laurie and chilled out with zero pacifiers to pop back in (because we took them all away like meanies).

  • My baby smiles at everyone.  It's great.

  • She's starting to show, like, preferences for things.  Like a real little human person!  Avocados are apparently no bueno, but sweet potatoes are a tentative go.  More avocado for me!  Everyone is happy with that arrangement.  (We'll try the avocado again soon.  You gotta like guac, kiddo, it's the top food in our house.)

  • Did I mention we're all getting more sleep?  I'm going to mention that again, because it is that great.


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  2. Lemme try to comment again without all the typos. Spare time during sleepy hours is magical! Warren didn't like avocados as a babe, but loves guac now. Lots of folks were eager to tell me that wee ones could find avocados bland because everyone knows better than moi. ;)

    1. Yeah -- definitely will just keep trying the avocados. I think I win parent of the year award because she definitely enjoyed the pizza crust I let her gnaw on.