Saturday, January 31, 2015

A breather

I've been struggling for some time with the age-old problem of wanting to do so much, and not ever having the time to do it -- having it all, or something.  I have to face the fact that if I want to write -- seriously write -- then I have to set aside more time for that.  I have the most time to cut from my blog/noodle around the Internet while I procrastinate writing budget.  I keep starting novels and short stories and I get 500 words in, and then falter.  My Google Drive is where ideas go to die.  It's a novella cemetery in there.  Or would that make it a novella hospice?  Anyway...I'd like to change that.  

So, you know, see you next week when I admit defeat and come stumbling back for the immediate gratification of Internet commentz.


  1. Happy (serious) writing, and good luck! Maybe you should start a flash fiction blog...500 words would be just about right!

    1. Late reply is late (LATE), but thank you -- I finished 1 short story, so now to keep that momentum...