Monday, March 9, 2015

Life, Taxes, Staying Put, Baby Lady Update

1.  How do I have an 8-month old?  When did that happen?!  (Today.)

2.  We were really hoping for a decent tax return this spring so we could get out of this oil-heated money-suck rental (it costs us about $100/week to heat the house over the winter and that's with low oil prices) but unfortunately, such is not the case.  On the bright side, for a while we thought we were going to owe something like $1500 and I had a big sobfest.  But we don't owe after all, which is an enormous relief after a winter of burning money to heat our home.  We don't get enough back either though.  BUT It also turns out that our lease requires not two months notice, but three in order to end the lease, because we are good at READING.  (Not, apparently.)  So, we would have been stuck either staying here another year anyway, or finding sub-leasers which NO THANKS.  So, we're staying put for another year at least.  I wouldn't mind so much except the oil heat means during the winter we can't put much away in savings, and we dip into funds saved over the summer.  We're both so very sick of moving that if we move again, it will only be to someplace we own, because we have moved WAY TOO MUCH over the past few years and it makes us want to hurl.  Patrick's student loans kick in next winter since he graduates this spring, so I hope we can save enough this summer to offset winter's oil and student loans AND save some downpayment funds.  This rental is great except for that one thing.  And that one thing is this huge thing that actively makes getting out of here harder, because it sucks our savings.  But we might pay off our cars by the fall, so that would help!  I'm trying to stay optimistic!  And if we do stay where we're at longer, we are in a good elementary school district because we are the riffraff in our neighborhood (I'm pretty sure my neighbors own a big oyster business, for example).

tl;dr  BUTTS.  But at least we don't owe money!  Slightly fewer butts!  Hooray!

3.  Baby lady Freddie is a delight.  She was totally worth it.  Things she enjoys include being read to (Kittens,  Puppies, Hop! Hop!, Tubby, and Toot are in our rotation), playing airplane, bells, swinging in our arms but not in her swing (her swing is not exciting enough), stacking cups and rings, and eating carrots and pumpkin.  Kiddo loves her orange food.  Freddie is not very interested in rattles that aren't bells, things she cannot put in her mouth, and being in her carseat (I can't blame her).  She isn't one to laugh at much (it takes EFFORT and so far, successes have been random -- a fake cough here, the dogs wrestling there, etc), but she's very generous with her smiles.  She wants to crawl but is still in the rocking back and forth/yoga poses mode, and similarly she wants to pull up but (oops) we don't have many things around the house she can pull up on if she can't crawl to them.  So for now, she's in that lovely stage of staying where I plop her down, being able to sit and entertain herself, and she isn't teething yet.  Oh!  And she can put herself to sleep!  We used The Happy Sleeper method and it worked like a charm.  HALLELU.

tl;dr she is a baby and is doing lots of baby things with her time.

4.  I really want to get my hair cut like Sara Quin:

I'm not sure if this makes me seem like a desperate want-to-be-young-again mom though.  I have two tattoos (Sindarin + JM Barrie quote) and a nose stud, would this make me look too try-hard, Internets?  I'm not actually trying to be anything, I'm just a natural badass (lol), so who cares if people think I'm too old right?  SARA QUIN IS 34!  Granted, she's a musician and they're, like, a separate category of people.  But librarians can be a little badass too right?  And I think it's pretty subtle in the grand scheme of things.  

5.  Speaking of musicians with hair, Patrick's band is being courted by an indie label!  Granted, this isn't a big game-changer since metal band albums are (I think) kind of akin to poetry books -- cool and yay recognition and effort paying off, but also probably not going to pay the bills.  But things don't have to be profitable to be worthwhile.  Money isn't the only recognition worth something.


  1. DO IT. (re: hair) btw, are you even 30 yet? I don't think you are. stfu too old ;)

  2. In the hair department: It does not make you trying-too-hard. It makes you a motherfucking badass. Or badass motherfucker. Whichever you prefer. Your librarianism is not the reason for it, merely proof of it. Echoing Lauren: DO IT

  3. Oh, dear. You say "SARA QUIN IS 34!" As though it's So Very Old. As a 34 year old myself, can I just say...cut your hair the way you want it when you're 28. Cut it the way you want it when you're 34. Cut it the way you want it when you're 40. And so on! It's just as much your own hair and your own style in your 30s and 40s and so on as it is in your 20s. (Trust me. I'm Very Old and Wise.)