Saturday, March 28, 2015

Something New: Wee Morning Tea

I've been feeling a lot of lassitude about blogging.  But the minute I started working on things this new way, I felt a spring in my proverbial step.  Maybe it's the spring outside, maybe it's the change in writing style & purpose, but this feels like a good direction for me to take.  It has the capacity to be a little more intimate and private.  I've been emailing more lately, rather than only using Facebook for quick chats, and I had forgotten how much I like the letter-format of communication.  I had boxes of letters sent to me from a friend saved for so long.  I'm sad I don't have them anymore.  I want to reignite that feeling of the personal, and combine it with a little pep.

What is this new direction?

Starting now, I'm going to be writing Wee Morning Tea as a weekly spinoff from Wee Hermione.  It'll be the usual books, cleverness, friendship & bravery* steeped just right and sent to your inbox every Thursday morning.  Some of Wee Morning Tea's content will be personal, like the regular blog.  Some of its content will be motivational (but never Pinterest-y aspirational, because barf).  All of it will be calibrated to start your morning off right, with zero horrible news click-bait stories, because I don't know about you, but lately my morning NPR check has been making me want to vomcry.  Also, there might be ponies. Because sometimes you need a wee pony with your morning tea.

(Obvs that's just a screenshot of my actual sign-up page here, or you can subscribe below instantly.)

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*“Books! And cleverness! There are more important things--friendship and bravery" -- Hermione Granger