Friday, July 17, 2015

That thing

That thing where you write an honest post about marriage and finances and how it's no fun to be the family fun police/nag, and then you realize it's probably too personal for a public blog, but you wrote all these pithy asides and what's the point of being so CHARMINGLY WITTY if it's just going into the paper journal?

So I guess my point here is that if when I die Google Drive is still a thing, that's where the real juicy stuff is.  Ignore that paper journal, y'all.  Yawnsville.

[Insert commentary about the nature of the public vs private self and the age of instant digital sharing, etc.]


  1. Haaaaaaaa god I've written/deleted many of those never-meant-for-public entries. If I could stick my head into a tiny cave of secret-holding and just rant for a few minutes now and then, I think I'd be ok.

  2. coughcough maybe an anonymous submission to a feminist marriage blog? I mean, you wrote all those pithy asides. . . .